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Understanding Security

The purpose of your business website is to capture more sales while expanding your brand. Something that often gets overlooked when it comes to web design is the trustworthiness of a website. This means if you want to see a certain level of success, your website needs to be credible. There absolutely cannot be any doubt about your authority when a prospect opens your website. If there is, you’re essentially dead in the water; you have but only so much time to capture the attention of your visitors, and if you do not seem believable, you will be indirectly washing sales down the drain.

Security Partners

Providing security services to all of our clients is not just good business, it is necessary to the overall success of our clients’ websites. That’s why we partner with several security companies to have our back throughout the process. One of our highly trusted and well-known partners is Site Lock Security ®. Using their services has many benefits to our clients and their customers. Security companies like Site Lock make it their goal to scan every site daily while combating any malicious attempts of attacks. We also partner with several other security companies for the use of several different products.

SSL - Secured Socket Layer

Having an SSL is absolutely critical to your website. In fact, we think it is so important that we provide every new client with a free basic SSL. Having an SSL is important but is not sufficient enough to skip other protection. An SSL and a website firewall work hand-in-hand to protect a website – one is just as important as the other.

In January 2017 Google implemented a new security protocol for all Google Chrome web browsers. Currently, any website without an SSL will not load properly. Please see this article for more details.


Having a firewall is critical to securing your website. Not having a firewall for a website is like not having a fire extinguisher in your house. A firewall is a strong level of protection for websites to keep malicious code out.

Similar to having a firewall on your computer, the firewall on a website will help prevent future attacks, while preventing clients information as well as businesses information, from becoming compromised. To learn more abut firewalls please contact our team today.

Internet safety and security is important to us at WDMC Technologies. Internet crime and cyber-attacks are becoming more popular, while internet privacy is becoming less and less secure. Our teams’ mission is to change that for a more secure future. Did you know something as simple as the wrong error message can compromise a websites safety? WDMC Technologies can provide you with tools, tips, certificates, and even business grade certificates to keep you and your clients personal data safe.

Our security options can help you:

  • Protect your client’s privacy
  • Protect your company’s privacy
  • Protect you from cyber-attacks
  • Provide peace of mind


Get our security services today to prevent cyber-attacks on your website.

Don't let your clients become the next victim! They are paying you for a reason, protect them so they come back!

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