To busy running your business? Do you have no free time left to deal with social media? 

That’s ok, that is what we are here for. Our professional team of experts can run your social networking sites for your business, while linking everything together to maximize your traffic and clientele. 

Why Businesses Choose Us

S mall business owners have a reputation for being do-it-yourselfers, particularly when it comes to marketing and advertising. But with social spending on the rise — 53 percent of business owners plan to increase their ad spending on Facebook — more of those business owners seem to be saying that if they want social media marketing done right, they need a professional to handle the job.

Twenty-nine percent of SMBs already are dedicating between five and 24 hours to social media management per week, spending an average of $845 per month on the channel. Rather than increasing the time they spend on social as their budgets go up, more business owners are opting to pay for full-service solutions with account managers who handle nearly all aspects of content creation and social strategy implementation. It’s part of the “do-it-for-me” concept that many see picking up steam within the SMB market.

Whether or not full-service solutions produce a higher ROI than self-serve platforms is still a matter of debate. Studies have shown that companies with “planned” social strategies were two times more likely to experience growth, so there’s no doubt that full-service social media management is a vertical worth exploring. 

Data-driven decisions on social spending

WDMC Technologies is a full-service marketing platform that caters to local businesses. The company’s team updates and maintains its clients’ social media profiles, including writing regular posts and status updates, thanking customers who’ve checked-in online, handling customer service through social channels, building landing pages, and keeping business profiles updated on review sites like Yelp. WDMC Technologies uses strategic methods to pinpoint and connect businesses with local customers through social media. It also collects testimonials from online fans and pushes positive reviews. interested in our management service? contact us today!

WDMC Technologies provides social media management on many different social networking platforms.

Does your company have a preference for specific platforms? If so please let us know and we will manage to your request, if not we will manage according to your business goals.

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