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Our expert programmers are ready to build you the next best app on the app store today. Whether it’s Apple or Android our geeks have the best programming skills in the industry today.

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Are you tired of people walking by the doors of your business? They don’t even know what you have inside! Getting a mobile application for your business can be the solution to this problem. Millions of people use apps every day, why not build an app for your business to become known to travelers in your geographic location. Having an app can help drive up your profit margins by allowing people to know what you have to offer as a business more conveniently.


Everything has a thought process before it can be implemented, including apps. Our experts will help you develop a plan for your app before we begin the creation process. There are many features, complexities, and marketing solutions that go into the creation process of a mobile application.



In the market today everyone has a smartphone, and everyone uses apps. Weather its a simple app to help find your business and offer deals to local consumers, or an advanced app to sell your products directly through the app, our team can help!


“Where do I start?”

“What do I need to know?”

“How does the process work?”

These might be some of the questions running through your mind if you have an idea for an app that you’re looking to get developed.

If you haven’t created an app before, you may be confused about when you need to approach a designer or development team, and what the process might entail.

In this post, we explain the process of creating an app from start to finish and give you a better understanding of what the outcomes are at various stages in the process.

Before you approach us you should have:

  • A Good Understanding of the User (Your Target Market)
  • Well Articulated User Stories (A list of things a user might want to get done when using your product)
  • Early wireframes- hand drawn or otherwise (Visual architecture of your app)
  • A budget (Money set aside for your project) please checkout the statistics to get an idea of what this project may cost. Click Here!
  • Commitment to spend time on creating your project (You’ll need to be involved in the process)

Once you have a good handle on these things, the fun starts. That is, getting to see your project come to life.

Process for Working with us

Stage 1: Initial phone call or consultation with the team

 You’ll want to have an initial phone call or consultation with our team to define what you’re looking to achieve and get a feel for your comfort working with us, our skill set, and overall fit for the project.

Stage 2: Signing a Contract

Before you sign a contact with us, it’s important to know what you are looking for in an app.

Stage 3: Wire-framing

After you sign a contract, typically this is when you’ll start wireframing.

Wireframing is essentially the visual architecture of what will go on each page of your app and how it all links together. Wireframing is important to define the full scope of the project and to have a mutual understanding of what will need to go into the app.

Stage 4: Design

After wireframing is complete, you’ll typically start the design phase where you’ll get high-resolution .psd files created that are mock-ups of what the app will look like when it is created.

This stage is where you will flesh out logos, colors, styling, fonts, etc. and really nail down the look and feel of your app. Once you’re happy with the visual design, you’ll move onto the development stage.

Stage 5: Development 

While working through the development stage, it is important that you, as the client, are updated of the progress at every step of the process. Our team constantly communicates with our clients during this process.

Stage 6: Beta Testing

Beta testing or user testing is done after you have a finished version of your app. Beta testing is used to test your app under various environments and conditions to make sure that your app isn’t released with major bugs or crashes, and that real users are comfortable with using the app.

Stage 7: Launch

The day has finally come! Your app is finished, tested and ready to launch. The process of publishing your app to the app store can sometimes take a couple of weeks. On iOS, Apple manually reviews each app submission and may ask you to make changes before publishing it. Getting press around your release will be important to help you get exposure.

Stage 8: Post- Launch

After launching your app, it is imperative that you get feedback from your users so that you can make future updates to your app and incorporate feedback in the changes. You will also want some sort of mAPM system to be able to track the performance of your application.

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