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Why a Businesses needs digital marketing

10 Signs Why A Business Needs Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, when done right, can help you reach the widest audience possible and thus, generate more business leads than any other form of marketing. If you’re looking to find out if your business needs digital marketing, here are ten signs that will tell you if it does. Why A Business Needs Digital Marketing https://medium.com/@arpita09810/5-reasons-why-you-should-have-digital-marketing-strategy-47c4115ce0d9 […]

6 digital marekting mistakes

Digital Marketing Mistakes

The marketing landscape has transformed drastically throughout the years, shifting from in-person trade shows, branded swag and printed handouts to digital-first strategies. There have been 6 digital marketing mistakes. The pandemic is further accelerating this shift and will likely have a lasting impact on the industry. A recent Gartner survey of chief marketing officers highlights the […]